23 Kulawai Place West Molokai
Lot 229 Papohaku Ranchlands

TMK: 2-5-1-7-23
Lot Size: 5.71 Acres
Location: Oceanview
House: 5 Bed / 3 Full Bath 1,803 sf
Cottage: 1 Bedroom / 3 Full Bath 1,803 sf
Priced At: $781,000
Intriguing Bamboo home and retreat nestled in a Kiawe forest with extensive flowering trees and plants. Fruit trees provide a natural bounty of foods along with fantastic ocean, sunset, Diamond Head views make this a tropical paradise. The main home and surrounding accessory buildings are built of environmentally friendly bamboo from Vietnam. Unique and beautiful, these buildings are naturally pest free and the property is pesticide free as well. Only organic fertilizers have been used on the land. The flexible design of the buildings can accommodate a variety of living situations. Live with nature and experience the beauty of Molokai. - call today for your private showing...

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